Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Official 2013 Results

Hello All,

Here are the final 2013 results. On behalf of the Cherry Festival, I would like to say thank you to all of the competitors, coaches and families who came up to be a part of the event. Congratulations on your efforts and best wishes for successful future training and racing. A short post-race follow up email will be sent in coming days.

High School Girls
1. Erin Finn 4:51.18
2. Katie Moses 5:06.88
3. Jamie Morrissey 5:13.56
4. Ashley Ko 5:22.82
5. Bryce Cutler 5:28.22

High School Boys
1. Anthony Berry 4:22.94
2. Jake Keena 4:23.31
3. Ben Hill 4:23.62
4. Luke Johnson 4:24.00
5. Nate Cruz 4:24.50
6. Kyle Dotterer 4:26.3
7. Keenan Rebera 4:28.02
8. Daniel Sims 4:29.02
9. Josh Verlac 4:31.54
10. Josh Wojan 4:35.37

Elite Women
1. Nicole Sifuentes 4:32.56
2. Devyn Ramsay 4:58.53
3. *Theresa Warsecke 4:59.18
4. Jill Louisnau 5:16.81

Elite Men
1. Dan Clark 3:58.15
2. Tony Jordanek 4:00.00
3. Josh McAlary 4:02.34
4. Aiman Scullion 4:04.37
5. Tony Filipek 4:05.34
6. Ian Boyle 4:06.72
7. *Jacob Secor 4:12.28
8. Brendon Blacklaws 4:14.81
9. Adam Kern 4:20.94
10. Ben Wynsma 4:38.56

*- Saturday 5K winners

Thanks again,

Eric, Bryan, Asa, Traci, and Lisa

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Elite & High School Fields (updated July 2)

Elite Men:
1. Tony Filipek (Kingston, MI)
2. Joshua McAlary (East Lansing, MI)
3. Jacob Secor (Traverse City, MI)
4. Brendon Blacklaws (Ann Arbor, MI)
5. Daniel Clark  (Jackson, MI)
6. Ian Boyle (Brighton, MI)
7. Adam Kern (Ann Arbor, MI)
8. Festus Kigen (Madison, WI)
9. Lex Williams (Normal, IL)
10. Ben Wynsma (Suttons Bay, MI)
11. Ryan Foster (State College, PA) -- ???

Elite Women:
1. Kelley Miller (Dublin, OH)
2. Rachel Patterson (Rochester Hills, MI)-- scratch
3. Kara Millhouse (State College, PA)
4. Theresa Warsecke (Interlochen, MI)
5. Devyn Ramsay (Benzonia, MI)
6. Nicole Sifuentes (Canada)
7. Jill Louisignau (Benzonia, MI)

High School Boys:
1. Nate Cruz (Saginaw, MI)
2. Anthony Berry (Traverse City, MI)
3. Daniel Sims (Novi, MI)
4. Jake Keena (Kingsley, MI)
5. Kyle Dotterer (Traverse City, MI)
6. Ben Hill (Royal Oak, MI)
7. Luke Johnson (Ludington, MI)
8. Keenan Rebera (Mason, MI)
9. Josh Wojan (East Jordan, MI)
10. Josh Verlac (Sagigaw, MI)

High School Girls:
1. Katie Moses (Traverse City, MI)
2. Bryce Cutler (Benzonia, MI)
3. Jamie Morrissey (Rochester Hills, MI)
4. Annie Fuller (Manistee, MI)
5. Erin Finn (West Bloomfield, MI)
6. Ashley Ko (Traverse City, MI)
7. Kaitlin Grigg (Cedar, MI)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

High School Mile Application

Hello High School Milers!

Please take a moment to fill out the application found here: High School Mile

We will be selecting up to 12 high school boys and girls for this year's 5/3 Bank Golden Mile (graduating classes 2013-16).

Girls 5:10 or better
Boys 4:26 or better

If you have not achieved the goal times but are close please feel free to apply and if there is room available, you may be selected.

For further information or details, please contact High School Race Coordinator Asa Kelly (kellya@benzieschools.net)

Thank you!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Official 2013 Golden Mile Application now available

Hello Potential Golden Milers!

For any athlete interested in participating in this year's 5/3 Bank Golden Mile, please complete the application

Participants will be selected based upon their performance criteria. Will we select no more than twelve competitors for each race to insure a high quality field and a fast safe road race.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eric or Bryan.


Thank you!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

National Cherry Festival 5/3 Bank Golden Mile 7/4/13

It's official the 2013 National Cherry Festival Fifth Third Bank Golden Mile will be held on THURSDAY EVENING July 4th in downtown Traverse City, Michigan!

National Cherry Festival Director Trevor Tkach approved the event yesterday and we are coordinating with the Festival of Races Director Lisa Taylor to insure another successful event. This year we excited about the opportunity to move the event to Thursday evening to coordinate with the Carter's Kids Mile. Plus in 2013, we are proud to re-introduce the High School Elite Mile.

Thursday Evening July 4th
Expected Time Frame

5:00pm High School Elite Girls' Mile
5:15pm High School Elite Boys' Mile
5:30pm Women's Elite Golden Mile
5:45pm Men's Elite Golden Mile
6:00pm Carter's Kids Mile

Slightly updated course map will be available soon.

Elite 5/3 Bank Golden Mile Prize Money
1st Place $1,000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250
Clear leader at the halfway point $100 bonus

We will limit the field to no more than 12 athletes in each race.

Limited travel money are free lodging opportunities are available.

Elite Men = 4:08 or equivalent
Elite Women = 4:50 or equivalent
High School Boys = 4:26 or better
High School Girls = 5:10 or better

Special thanks to 5/3 Bank and the Traverse City Track Club for their generous support of this event.

If you are interested in being a sponsor for this event, please contact us!


Bryan Burns and Eric Houghton
Race Coordinators