Friday, December 10, 2010

The Festival of Races "Golden Mile" 2011

We are excited to announce that the Golden Mile will once again be part of the National Cherry Festival's Festival of Races for 2011!

Saturday July 9th! (At the conclusion of the 15k race)

We will once again be looking for well-qualified Men (4:10 or better) and Women (4:55 or better) to fill our fields.

If you are interested athlete or coach, please contact one of the race directors.

This year we are also looking for new sponsorship of this amazing event.

Thank you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Golden Mile Images

Please visit for further pictures of the 2010 Traverse City Golden Mile.

To the left: Moses Waweru of Madison, WI capturing the 2010 Golden Mile in 4:06.

Michigan Runner Covers the Golden Mile

Special thanks to Art and Jennie McCafferty for their excellent race coverage.

See below for the video Highlights:

Athlete Intros and Race Highlights

Record-Eagle Highlights

Click below for links to the article in the Traverse City Record-Eagle:

Golden Mile Pre-Race Article

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks to following for making this event a success!

Lisa Taylor, Cherry Fest Race Director
The Traverse City Police Department
Excel Rehab
Jeff Gaft and Daniel Siderman
Running Fit Traverse City
The TC Central Football Team
John Sonneman, Public Address Announcer
John Lober, Official Starter
The National Cherry Festival

All of our great athletes!

Congratulations Moses Waweru and Molly Lehman!

2010 Golden Mile Official Results
Saturday July 10th

Elite Women
1. Molly Lehman 4:49.44
2. Sarah Price 4:51.34
3. Danielle Quisenberry 4:56.58
4. Susie Rivard 4:59.80
5. Erin Webster 5:06.57

Elite Men
1. Moses Waweru 4:06.67
2. Daniel Clark 4:06.85
3. Philip Lagat 4:07.19
4. David Brent 4:09.22
5. Ian Boyle 4:10.78
6. Rondell Ruff 4:12.19
7. Richard Kandie 4:13.20
8. Steve Ludwig 4:13.59
9. Juan Carillo 4:13.95
10. Jason Bigelow 4:18.04

Nice job racers! Thank you for coming.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Potential Competitors as of June 29

It looks like the Mens' Field is just about Finalized...

Men's Field
Philip Lagat - Ann Arbor, MI (3:57)
Rondell Ruff -
Jason Bigelow - Rochester, MI (3:47/1500m)
David Brent -
Juan Carillo - Indianapolis, IN (3:35/1500m)
Ian Boyle -
Steve Ludwig -
Daniel Clark -
Moses Waweru - Minneapolis, MN
Richard Kandie - Minneapolis, MN

Women's Field
Molly Lehman - Durham, NC (4:12/1500m)
Erin Webster -
Danielle Quisenberry -
Susie Rivard - Indianapolis, IN (4:51)
Sarah Price -

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Golden Mile Returns

The National Cherry Festival "Meijer Festival of Races" will once again be host to "The Golden Mile."

Saturday July 10th near the conclusion of the 5k/15k road races, we will present two elite one-mile road races on a loop course through downtown Traverse City.

Approximate Start Times:
Women's Elite Mile 9:30am
Men's Elite Mile 9:45am